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Homogeneous Flooring Manufacturers and Quality Classification

Homogeneous Flooring Manufacturers and Quality Classification

According to the industry report of the China Resilient Flooring Association, the total output of commercial roll flooring in China in 2023 was 171 million square meters. Of this, heterogeneous flooring was 90.16 million square meters, homogeneous flooring was 71.42 million square meters, sports flooring was 9.39 million square meters, and rubber flooring was 3.99 million square meters. Vinyl roll flooring accounts for more than 90% of all commercial roll flooring, and the volume of homogeneous flooring has been growing rapidly over the last several years.

commercial roll flooring output in China in 2023

Manufacturers in China

Before 2010, almost all homogeneous flooring manufacturers were European companies. However, since 2010, China’s homogeneous flooring production began to develop rapidly, leading to a diverse landscape. Currently, there are more than 20 homogeneous flooring manufacturers in China, showcasing a mix of foreign and local entities. Some are factories established by foreign capital and brands, such as Gerflor (factory is located in Changshu, Jiangsu), Tarkett(factory is located in Beijing), Mondo(factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu), LX Hausys (factory is located in Tianjin), while the others are local Chinese manufacturers, adding to the industry’s rich tapestry.

china homogeneous flooring factory

Market and trend

Old-line manufacturers such as Gerflor are still the market leaders. They have a long brand history and a complete sales network, with branches or distributors in many countries worldwide.

Chinese manufacturers’ role is OEM; we support different brands and trading companies. With the same quality, Chinese manufacturers’ prices are much lower than those of old-line brands. Therefore, more and more old-line brand distributors in different countries are developing their brands with Chinese products, which is a noticeable trend. Over the past decade, the number of homogeneous flooring brands on the market has increased exponentially.

Price trend

Before 2010, homogeneous flooring was a high-end and expensive product and healthcare and educational projects still preferred heterogeneous flooring. However, from 2010 to 2024, with the continuous entry of new manufacturers to intensify competition, the price of China’s homogeneous flooring dropped from more than USD11/sqm to less than USD6/sqm, a drop of more than 40%. While prices continue to fall, the market for homogeneous flooring is also expanding rapidly. The output of homogeneous flooring in 2026 is expected to surpass heterogeneous flooring for the first time.

homogeneous flooring price

Quality classification

With prices dropping, homogeneous flooring has also formed different quality levels. Before 2010, homogeneous flooring was high-end and expensive because there were only several old-line manufacturers in the market. In today’s market, a large number of local brands have begun to appear, which has caused the market and product positioning of homogeneous flooring to continue to sink and replace the heterogeneous flooring market.

The old-line brands still focus on high-end positioning and mainly produce T-grade flooring. China’s manufacturers have formed considerable differentiation. About 20% of the manufacturers are in the high-end market(T-grade flooring), which is OEMs for high-end brands and exports; about 60% are in the mid-range market(P-grade flooring), which is OEMs for China brands and projects; and about 20% are in the low-end market(M-grade and lower flooring), which is China distributors and dealers.

Homogeneous Flooring Manufacturers

We are one of the earliest manufacturers in China to produce homogeneous flooring, and we are the OEM base for many leading brands from each country. At present, 80% of the flooring we produce is T grade, and 20% is P grade; we do not produce flooring below P grade. Want to become our partner and see what we can do for you?

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