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Homogeneous Flooring Manufacturers and Quality Classification


According to the industry report of the China Resilient Flooring Association, the total output of commercial roll flooring in China in 2023 was 171 million square meters. Of this, heterogeneous flooring was 90.16 million square meters, homogeneous flooring was 71.42 million square meters, sports flooring was 9.39 million square meters, and rubber flooring was 3.99 […]

How to choose between homogeneous & heterogeneous vinyl flooring

hospital homogeneous flooring

Commercial flooring is becoming more and more popular in the decoration market. It’s increasingly seen in healthcare, education, office and public areas, and residential zones. Different users will choose commercial flooring of different materials based on different scenarios. Today, we will delve into the distinctions between homogeneous vinyl flooring and heterogeneous flooring. From the appearance […]

Why do we use DOTP instead of DOP as plasticizer in our PVC flooring?

hospitals homogeneous flooring

How is vinyl sheet flooring made? First, the raw materials which include limestone, polyvinyl chloride,plasticizer, stabilizers and pigments, are thoroughly mixed. After mixing, the material is produced through multiple stages including calendering, consolidation and/or lamination, and is finally consolidated and formed into sheets. The sheets are then cooled, formed into rolls and finally packaged. Why […]